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Online Backup

When Disaster Strikes

Our backup solutions deliver.

Up to 72% of businesses that experience major data loss will go out of business within two years. Your data is your most valuable asset. Protect it well with our affordable, secure online backup system.

Loss of records - including financial records, customers’ records - can lead to severe setbacks. It can take months to reclaim lost data, putting your business in a compromised position.

Certain factors beyond your control, including natural disasters, theft, and hardware failure can be detrimental to the future of your business. The only way to stay safe is to be sure that you are utilizing a system that has backup services for disaster recovery.

If you do not currently have a good backup solution system for your data, you are risking loss and systems failure every single day!

Remote and automatic desktop and laptop data backup
Encrypted data stored in multiple data centers
Various user and group security levels
24/7 backup and monitoring
Files up to 30 days old can be restored
Get minimized bandwidth usage and maximized protection through continuous backup
Easy access and management of all backed up content
File restoration is available by web interface, client software, and mail
Added layer security through integration with external devices
Backup open files or simply backup what you need
Your data will never be left vulnerable. Through our online backup system, you’ll enjoy high data security on all levels.