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Virtual Desktops – All your business tech, one easy platform

Focus On Your Business

Not your IT.

Experience the ease of a smooth, integrated desktop system with Barebones Virtual Desktop service. By bringing your Windows desktop into the cloud, you simplify and improve your Windows systems for your entire business. Through this service, we provide the software, file server, and Windows desktops, as well as easy user management. With Barebones taking care of everything else, all you need is a device!

Desktop services connects everyone in your organization on one operating system. This means your whole workforce utilizes the same software, with access to a shared file server.
Get Windows, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, and more without the drain of high energy-consuming software.
Desktop services allows businesses utilizing older PCs to enjoy the latest software and operating systems with easy compatibility - without having to purchase new hardware.
Desktop services provides easy access to Windows and Microsoft Office for users with mobile devices such as iPads, Android tablets, iPhones, Kindles, and more.
Enjoy convenient access to Desktop as a Service from our virtual desktop app or HTML-compatible browsers.

Barebones Cloud Apps: Software Rental
Add software to your nDesktop at your own convenience!
Browse through a wide selection of paid and free software and add it to your nDesktop with one easy click.
Rent software for low monthly fees.
You’ll find over 40 software applications and suites, including Microsoft Office Professional and Standard, Project, and Visio, as well as free tools such as Evernote and Skype.
Customize apps and software through our nBusiness interface and add or disable software anytime you like.

nDrive: Store, sync, & share files
Separate from the Company Share (the networked file server for your business) nDrive is the storage platform for individual users that allows them to access files anywhere.
Each individual user starts with 10GB of storage space. Files stored on your nDrive can be shared with individual colleagues, groups, or even made public for easy sharing and collaboration.
Our patented sync storage functionality means that if you make a change to a file on your desktop, that change automatically replicates to all your devices.
While using nivio, your data, files, and activities are protected against viruses, malware and security breeches so you can access your data anywhere with confidence.