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Mobilize your Retail with Lightspeed Mobile

Get  your Retail Moving at Lightspeed

Want your cookie business to really roll in the dough? Or what about those cute little lockets you make religiously for craft fairs? What to increase sales and set up shop anywhere there are green pastures? Flea markets, fairs, farmers markets even on the corner of your street block all you really need is a classy looking sales device. A sales device, you can cradle in the palm of your hand. Lightspeed mobile is what you are looking.


How it works

Lightspeed mobile connects to the Lightspeed database, in seconds begins processing sales transfers on the spot.  Normally you would have to use a classic swipe card machine, or just not take credit cards. Cash only, really puts a damper on your sales, especial working a craft fair, trade show, or music festival. Plus a majority of shoppers today are accustomed to purchasing with credit cards, so why not use a tool that makes shoppers feel comfortable.  Think about how many times you didn’t have cash to purchase that awesome one of a kind item you found at some random street festival.

Receive transaction instantly

The beauty of Lightspeed mobile you can create new invoices on the spot, plus e-mail receipts right away. Check you inventory so you know when you’re about to sell the last blue t-shirt everyone has been purchasing like crazy. You can even select past customers and you get their information on the go.  Then scan the products your customer has chosen with Linea Pro hardware. Process all credit card payments which is the main reason for having Lightspeed mobile, within a snap of a finger. Use your iPhone or iPod touch to accept signatures right on their screen to begin process credit card payments.

What you need to make your sales mobile

1.       Lightspeed user licenses

2.       Mobile Hardware Kit –

3.       Lightspeed Mobile Application – Lightspeed mobile is an all in one app that can be           downloaded from iTunes for $4.99.



Lightspeed in general is worth the purchase and the mobile app can really assist in aiding impulse buys. Bigger stores located in major cities would really see how important this app is. If you have every worked in any major American city, try going shopping on your lunch break. You probably are not going to get lunch and the new shoes you’d like to purchase in 1 hour. Lines are normally way to long, plus we all know the people in those lines still have not had an actual lunch. You could hang around after work to make a purchase. Even so, there is a good chance that lines are out the door. The mobile app would do wonders for bigger corporate stores. If you want to invest, see your products going places, then this is the software for you.