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Growing Popularity of Google Apps

July 29, 2011
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A number of Google Apps for the market is growing, just as their use is growing as well. Google Apps are what we known as the so-called cloud applications. Cloud is just another way of saying the “Internet” and more than anything else, it is used as a marketing term. An internet-based application provides the means for companies to distribute the load placed on their technological capabilities; furthermore Google Apps are used for this purpose, more and more in today’s society. Consider the market for software when the computer became popular in the 1990s. If you would like a word processing program base, you had to buy it at that time spreadsheets were expensive. They virtually had no improvement to add to their team when it had cost some money. In addition, the new software that you had installed would eat hard disk space and requires the use of system resources such as CPU and RAM when used. Google Apps and other cloud applications provide a way to avoid this.

With Google Apps they are hosted on their own servers. They include a simple word processor, spreadsheet simple, and much more. These programs also allow companies to complete their tasks easier to do things such as writing letters, creating documents, etc.  Furthermore, with Google Apps solution it makes more sense because their employees themselves do not use the advanced features of word processing programs and other programs. Google Apps is the company to take advantage of cloud storage. With this it means that only stores things online rather than storing them locally, it also provides an added level of security. In other words it takes into account all these different functions that have been made popular with Google Apps for business.

Google Apps, of course, includes more than desktop software. There are also instant messaging that allows businesses and individuals to communicate cheaply by systems such as Google Book Search ™, and also service books that allow people to search through many books to find specific information. There are also other programs like Google Earth ™  which is a mapping service that are used by all vacationers for archaeologists to find interesting places to explore, and Google Sky ™ program, and this program allows amateur astronomers to get a look at the sky night.

With a company like this company it has been able to offer new applications for customers at no extra charge for them. Google is the entry of the company in social networks, after the much-maligned Buzz Service.  Although it has not yet been published, but there are many discussions about the system already. This will defiantly add another competitor in the world of social networks and means that Google will extend its reach even further into the digital marketplace. With Google Apps evolving and others similar to them, they will continue to move the offers from other companies; this has already dominated the market for software for decades, such as Microsoft and Apple.