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Google Apps vs. Microsoft 365

August 1, 2011
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Google took a shot at the bow of Microsoft which has raised questions that Microsoft would have to answer when it launches office suite 365. One customer who has chosen Google Apps in relation to Microsoft products also said he chose to offer Google in the cloud for reasons of how much it cost, the simplicity, and collaboration. The product manager of enterprise claimed it is only a true application of the cloud with Google Apps. In an interview Sinha quoted “From a supply perspective and a client, very large it feels like the same type of products packaged together in a new way,” referring to Office 365.

With office 365 it is a cloud, which concludes into a solution of a monthly subscription that comes in two versions. The two versions include one for small businesses and enterprises.  With the Small Business Edition it is for organizations with fewer than 25 employees in there organization.  It is a $6 per month and per user. This version will offer Office Web Apps, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Online Lync, and a website external to subscribers. Microsoft has also enhanced its service with a Lync Lync energy package it includes six applications to extend the social experience Lync. Google Apps on the other hand, usually charges $ 50 per user per year on an annual contract, although there is a “flex plan” which also offers companies the option of paying $ 5 a month per user.  The entire following are included, Gmail, Google Calendar, Docs, Sites, Google Groups, and video, with 25 GB per account allowed for the electronic storage and one gigabyte per user for file storage.