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August 18, 2011
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Email is one of the most critical tools for every business. For most businesses, when email is down a communication channels with clients are broken and revenue can be lost. AccessMyLan has created a great tool to troubleshoot email connectivity issues. The tool can identify: Host connectivity and name resolution (DNS) problems SSL / Certificate

August 11, 2011

Exchange Defender filters your email for spam and viruses before it delivers the message to your Inbox. However, if you use Outlook on your PC, Outlook automatically performs another spam filter check on all your messages. By default, the Outlook filtering action is set to Low to minimize labelling a message as spam when it

August 1, 2011
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Google took a shot at the bow of Microsoft which has raised questions that Microsoft would have to answer when it launches office suite 365. One customer who has chosen Google Apps in relation to Microsoft products also said he chose to offer Google in the cloud for reasons of how much it cost, the